Harnett Regional Theatre is a community theatre in Dunn, NC whose mission is to educate and entertain by providing the opportunity for participation in high quality theatre for the people of Harnett County and the surrounding areas.

Board of Directors

Lynn Godwin, President
Amy Langdon, Vice President
Jacob Godwin, Secretary
Teresa Alphin, Treasurer
Ashley Dupree, Christy Heath
Dennis McCool, Blair Chance, Heather Foster
Billy Godwin, Juanita Velazquez, Jeanine Beasley
Vicki Wade, Becky Goretzka, Rick Stephenson
Rachel Strickland, Valerie Newton,
Sharon Stevens, Ex-Officio

About the Stewart Theatre

The Stewart Theatre is the home of Harnett Regional Theatre and is located in the heart of Downtown Dunn, NC. An old movie theatre, the Stewart Theatre is a perfect destination for your next event or production. For more information about availability and rates, please contact Abe Elmore at (910) 892-6011 or abe-elmore@nc.rr.com.