“Star” Level
$2500 – Ad on Screen and all advertisement will read Co-Producer of Play presented by HRT and (Your Business), 15 Tickets, 15 coupons for Popcorn and drinks. Your logo on HRT website, Facebook page, posters, and in Playbill. ONLY ONE at this level.
“Leading Actor” Level
$1500: Ad on Screen, 10 tickets and 10coupons for Popcorn and drinks. Your logo will be on the HRT Website, Facebook Page, posters, and in Playbill.
“Supporting Character” Level
$500.00: Ad on Screen, 5 tickets and 5 coupons for Popcorn and drinks. Logo on website and Facebook. Name listed in Playbill.
“Ensemble” Level
$250.00: Ad on Screen, 2 tickets, 2 coupons for Popcorn and drinks. Name listed in Playbill.


Contributions from our patrons are a vital part in producing our shows as well as our Summer Workshop for Children. If you have made a contribution in the past to Harnett Regional Theatre, thank you for your support. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. After making your contribution, your name will be listed in our Playbill for the entire season. Please pick from the below levels.  Just send your donation to our PO Box and please support the arts in Harnett County!

Benefactors – $150.00 or More
Sponsors- $100.00 – $149.00
Donors – $50.00 – $99.00
Patrons- $25.00-$49.00
Contributors- Less than $25.00