The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

September 17th, 2017

Here is the cast list for the first show of our 40th year of theatre at Harnett Regional Theatre.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

by Pat Cook

Based on the book by L. Frank Baum


Frank Baum                      author and narrator of this story  Rick Stephenson

Necile                                 Wood Nymph & foster mother to Claus  Erin Harrington

AK                                       the Master Woodsman and ruler of the forest Curt West

Queen                                 AK’s wife and gentle lady  Amy J. Langdon

Will                                    King of the Knooks and Faeries  Tim Morris

Claus                                a young bearded man  Eddie White

Weekum                           a curious and cute boy  Connor Keen

Mayrie                             likewise, curious and cute girl Emilie Glover

Jack Frost                       a spritely Winter Pixie  Wilmond Barnes

Awgwa #1                        one of the ugly child taunters  Natalie McMahon

Awgwa #2                        another child taunter  Baylee Reagan

Maid                                a brash no-nonsense maid  Blair Chance

Reindeer #1                     forest creature and friend to Claus  Maddie Elmore

Reindeer #2                              another forest creature  Chloe Johnson

Barlo                                a Knook who becomes an Elf  Christine West

Lem                                  another Knook  Abby DeBoer

Child #1                           a child who needs a toy  Carson Strickland

Child #2                          another toyless child  Finley Barnes

Child #3                          a third child without a toy  Danni West

King Awgwa                      loudmouthed king of the child taunters  Mac Newton

Queen Awgwa                  King Awgwa’s equally odius wife  Alex West

Awgwa #3                        a worker Awgwa  Emma Strickland

Awgwa #4                        another worker Awgwa  Marissa Howlett

Water Sprite Queen        queen to the Sprites and Ryls  Kaelyn Sander

King Gnome                      quarrelsome king of the Gnomes  Connor Keen

Queen Imp                       beautiful queen to the Imps and Nymphs  Maria Brydges

Princess Flash                     ruler of the birds of the skies  Ashley Barbour

Bo                                    Master Mariner, ruler of the seas  E. P. Newton

Faerie #1                         worker and scroll reader  Emily Pearce

Faerie #2                        worker and blower of conch shells  Baylee Reagan


Plus Extras to play Faeries, Ryls, Knooks, Nymphs and Awgwas.

While there 17 fixed roles, flexible casting may be used on the other roles with regard to men or women.  As for the AWGWAS, they are coarse, hairy, scowling creatures.


Thank you for a great season!

May 19th, 2017

We would like to thank everyone for a great season at HRT!  We are so grateful to everyone who auditioned and participated in our shows both on stage and off stage!  We are so grateful to everyone who came to our shows! As we begin our 40th year of theatre, we hope that everyone will continue to support HRT with your time, effort and participation!  HRT loves serving Harnett County and surrounding areas and we are looking to announcing our next season soon.


April 20th, 2017

Rehearsal are going great and it won’t be long before the show.  Get your tickets.  Here are some pictures from rehearsal.



February 25th, 2017



HRT is pleased to announce our summer workshop for children will be held in July.  The dates are July 10 through July 29.  The application will be available on May 1st on our website.  The workshop will be staffed by the same staff from last year.  So start looking at your calendar and getting ready to apply.  The show will be announced soon!  The prices are also the same as last year.  More details will be posted as we get closer to May but go ahead and make your plans!


February 22nd, 2017

Tickets are on sale now for Annie!  Just use the link on our home page to get your tickets early!

Annie Auditions!

February 16th, 2017


Auditions for Annie are March 13, 14 and 15 at 7:30 PM at the Stewart Theater.  Everyone will be asked to sing a short song, read from the script and do a little movement.   Come join us for this classic musical that will start us on our 40th year doing theatre in Harnett County.  This is the first time we have done this musical on the mainstage at HRT so that is very exciting!  You don’t won’t to miss this opportunity!  Come out and join the fun!  Performances are April 28, 29, May 5, and 6 at 7:30 PM and April 30 and May 7 at 2:30 PM

Please see the below schedule for youth auditions for Annie.  Adults can come Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  If you are 16 or younger, please see the designated night for your audition.  If you have a conflict with the audition night, please text Lynn Godwin at 910-263-4742 to reschedule and she will notify the director.

Monday March 13 – Youth 16 and under if your last name begins with the letter A-H please come at 7:30 pm for auditions; Adults 17- older All Come at 7:30

Tuesday March 14 – Youth 16 and under if your last name begins with the letter I-P please come at 7:30 pm for auditions; Adults 17 and older All Come at 7:30

Wednesday March 15 – Youth 16 and under if your last name begins with the letter Q-Z please come at 7:30 pm for auditions; Adults 17 and older All Come at 7:30

To Kill a Mockingbird Auditions

October 27th, 2016

Auditions for To Kill a Mockingbird will be held on November 28 and 29, 2016 at 7:00 PM.  Auditions will be held at the Stewart Theater.  Auditions will consist of readings from the script.  We need people of all ages and ethnicities for this show.  More information will be coming soon!


September 25th, 2016


Dickens / Man 5                                                                                Dennis McCool

Scrooge                                                                                                Brent Wilson

Bob Cratchit / Bill / Man 1                                                              Curt West

Theatre Manager / Guest / Suitor / Student                                John Anderson

Fred / Suitor                                                                                       Gene Chance

Fan’s husband /Young Husband / Dick / Guest / Man 3         William Newton

School Master / Bobby / Guest                                                      Eddie  White

Marley / Fezziwig / Old Joe / Guest                                             Chuck Moore

Ghost of Christmas Present / Gentleman 1 / Man 4                  Rick Stephenson

Belle’s husband / Gentleman 2 / Topper / Suitor / Man 2       Billy Godwin

Ebenezer                                                                                            Jacob Godwin

Belle                                                                                                   Kayleigh Clayton

Blind Beggar / Suitor/ Guest                                                        Joey Gillard

Shopkeeper / Guest / Undertaker’s Woman                             Alison White

Ghost of Chrismas Past / Flower Girl                                        Neva Chance

Laundress / Cook / Guest                                                           Cristina Gillard

Raucous Lady / Guest / Woman in Black                                Blair Chance

Mother / Guest                                                                            Jeannine Beasley

Mrs Fezziwig / Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come                   Amy Langdon

Miss Fezziwig 1 / Guest / Student                                           Emily Newton

Miss Fezzigwig 2 / Guest / Student                                        Kathryn Goretzka

Miss Fezziwig 3 / Guest / Student / Belinda                        Alex West

Martha / Guest                                                                         Bridgette Stephens

Fan / Flower Girl / Ghost                                                       Riley Heath

Street Woman / Guest                                                           Rhonda Stephens

Charwoman / Guest                                                              Becky Goretzka

Mrs. Cratchit / Guest                                                            Leanne Bernard

Sara (Fred’s wife)                                                                  Cheryl Moore

Street child / Student                                                            Avereigh Bridges

Street boy /  Ghost  / Student                                              Samuel White

Street boy /  Ghost / Student                                              Timothy White

Young Scrooge / Little Brother / Peter                              Wyatt Moore

Belle’s daughter / Girl 2 / Ghost                                         Christine West

Little Sister / Guest / Student                                             Abigail Moore

Tiny Tim                                                                                  Ty Goins

Want / Ghost                                                                         Kate Cochran

Ignorance / Ghost                                                                 Olivia Godwin


Christmas Carol Auditions

September 2nd, 2016


AUDITION DATES:  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM and MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 at 7:30 PM.  Christmas Carol will be directed by Keith Liles and auditions will consist of readings from the script.  This is a large cast show and we need people of all ages to come out for the show.  All ages from Scrooge to Tiny Tim are needed.  Come and join HRT for all the fun.

Fine Arts Workshop

June 30th, 2016

Next week, our summer workshop for children starts on July 5th.  Everyone at HRT is excited to get started with our great kids!  Our children will be learning about many aspects of theatre while getting ready for a production of Aladdin Jr.  They will perform Aladdin Jr twice at the end of the workshop on July 23rd at 7:00 PM and July 24th at 2:00 PM.  Admission is $8.00 and tickets are available at the door.  Come out and support our HRT kids!